​Canyon Creek

Signature Features


​From the start we tried to find a look that said built by Canyon Creek. Over the years numerous features have been adopted. The very first was the Snake bellied top of slide followed by the slanted Snake Skin cocking serrations.

Next was the squared trigger guard, not the stretched guard like Swenson's of the past but a new guard cut and welded in that is moved forward for more room for the trigger finger.

Larger than normal type mag wells in varies profiles that are attached by pins or welded on are continuously being evolved. 360 degree closed or open front are popular.

Defragged checkering for the front and back straps and also for the bottom of the trigger guard.

The Hard Tail grip safety has been added to the signature look.​

In the future custom made grip scales will be made out of exotic hard woods. Currently have over 25 wood species being dried and stabilized.